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We work with you to design and create completely custom gifts for special occasions and celebrations. We specialize in large groups, teams, PR packages, retreat welcome gifts, corporate events, closing gifts and more. If you are constantly closing deals or in need of strengthening customer relationships, head over to our GET STARTED page or email us at:
We would love to work with you!



Every day is a celebration in our world. Sounds glamorous, huh? Well don't let that fool you, we work tirelessly behind the scenes to create the perfect representation of you or your business through each gift we create. We sprinkle our creative touch on everything, making your gifts COMPLETELY custom. We work with small businesses much like ourselves who put thought, time and love into their product. Our main goal is to make a lasting impression with each gift we design. 
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Hi I'm Hillary and I'm the owner of Give it Golden! I am openly and extremely passionate about being kind, being generous and making lasting impressions. I set out two years ago to help people feel less anxious about gift giving in general. This quickly evolved into working specifically with small businesses and corporate teams to create custom, brand specific gift designs to represent their message accurately and creatively.  I work to design a tangible greeting, gift or impression for you to give that is handcrafted, useful, thoughtful, unforgettable and executed to perfection. 
My main goal at Give it Golden is to make your brand look good.