This is where we get to have fun! We have a few options as far as personal shopping/styling. We encourage you to request a phone consultation in order to receive all adequate information necessary for our personal shopping/styling services!


Looking to WOW your loved ones with the perfect outfit? We can help with this.

What you do: Fill out a questionnaire about yourself & the event.

What you receive: Ten Outfit ideas sent to you via email.

Busy with life but want to still stay current? We offer a monthly membership to keep you current but without the effort on your part. Once we get to know a little bit about you and your personal style, we continue sending and purchasing styles that we think you might like!

Need some guidance and some company? We can fix both in one shot! We would be happy to accompany you on shopping trips to help guide you and support you in styling to put your best foot forward!


You're a sunken ship and we can save you. 



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