the importance of a greeting

After a recent project I designed, I was left feeling inspired by the simplicity and complexity in the idea of a greeting. A greeting is a flash of a moment in time filled with infinite possibilities. You can dress it up, dress it down and it happens so quickly that often times you don’t have the chance to realize it happened and poof, it's over. 


So much can happen in a short period of time, it truly is a make or break in certain circumstances. These moments can induce emotional build up and surpass expectations and in some cases create a let down where expectations meet reality and you are left feeling like you have missed the mark completely (no pressure). These quick but crucial moments can go happily one way or quite simply the opposite. 

The importance of the first impression in a greeting is strangely invigorating to me. The nerves before walking into a party, the excitement for a potential kiss, a potential deal, a potential moment shared, the butterflies that build, the hugs, handshakes and sighs of relief that follow.


Greetings are brisk flickers in time that accumulate and lead us through a blend of life’s moments and relationships. They can build or break trust, secure a deal, sway a client, spark a gut's intuition, all of this in a matter of seconds. The moment is there and then it's gone. Greetings are fleeting. I’ve come to realize that I have nuzzled myself very comfortably into the business and art of designing impressive greetings that last. 

A positive impression that lasts is the recipe for opportunity. 

Imagine yourself walking up to the potential deal of your career. It’s right there and you can taste it but you have to make the impression, do the convincing, get the signature, make your way in to someone’s mind and lock yourself in for longer than that flash of a moment. You have your speech etched in your front pocket, not physically written down but the words are there and ready to go. Your best foot is planted firmly in front of you and you’ve got the confidence to stand on it. So — What do you have in your hands? Is it simple a pen? A notepad? A list of your best work? How will you make that impression solid enough so that they can’t say no? How will you make your impression last?

Well my friends, this is where I come in. I work to design a tangible greeting for you to offer that is handcrafted, useful, thoughtful, unforgettable and executed to perfection. Something that creatively showcases your attention to detail, your commitment to the potential job or business opportunity and most importantly it sheds light on the fact that you value that first impression so much that you have showed up well prepared for that impression to last longer than the initial greeting itself. It’s an impression that goes home with your potential client, investor or business partner and we want it to be actually useful so that when they use it, they think back to the impression that you left. All of this sounds great, right? Who has time for that? Well, I'm not done, the best part is it doesn’t need to be extra work for you. By hiring an expert (me), you take the extra work off your plate and place it in the hands of someone (me) who specializes in creating these unique designs that are custom and specific to your brand. By choosing to trust a professional, you are freeing up valuable time to work on your business, meanwhile the finished product you show up to these greetings with is pristine, brand specific, useful and memorable. It seems like a no brainer, right?


The end goal here is to make the impression, build the relationship and create future business or growth opportunities for yourself. The majority of the time this doesn’t happen if you show up empty handed and it also doesn’t happen if you spend more time worrying, searching and trying to plan for that first impression rather than spending your precious time simply doing whatever it is that you are best at — your job. Think of this as an investment of your time and money toward future growth and opportunity in your business or career.

My job is to make you look good and I take my job very seriously.  Click around my website and find my GET STARTED page. This page is where your work ends and mine begins. You answer a few questions and place a bit of your trust in me to make your first impressions memorable enough to last. What do you have to lose?

Let's get started!